A brief description of our product, Bsure Insights.

What is it?

Bsure Insights is a solution that consists of two separate parts:
The Data Collector app runs with limited permissions in your own Azure tenant. Data collected is stored in a storage account provided by you.
The Power BI app, with Bsure preconfigured reports, is a template app you connect to your storage account. You can download the Power BI Template (Pbix) to modify it.
Both the Data Collector and the Power BI app are certified by Microsoft to ensure quality, security, and functionality.
Bsure has no access to your data, all data is stored in a storage account you control.

Quick self-service installation

Estimated installation time with access to your own data is less than 30 minutes

Bsure Insights Azure resources

Bsure Insights consists of the following resources. You as customer need to provide some of them, and others are deployed during installation.
Azure resource
Provided by You
Provisioned by Bsure
Azure Subscription
Resource Group for Managed Application
Storage Account
Managed Application
Managed Application resources