Add Your Own Prices

By default the prices in our Power Bi App are standard Microsoft list prices in USD. These prices will not be accurate for many organizations. This page will show you how you can add your own prices!

You can only add one price per SKU! If your organization have bought licenses on different terms (Monthly, Annual) with different prices, try our Average SKU price calculator Excel spreadsheet to find the average price on your different SKUs.

Power BI App Settings

Go to Settings in the Power Bi App. This is where you can toggle between List Price and Your Price. In the example screenshot below own prices are set, but if customer price is -1 it means no prices have been set as own prices are default -1.

Set Prices in your Storage Account

Go to the Azure portal, and locate the Storage Account you set up as one of the prerequisites when you installed the Azure Managed Application. It is the Storage Account you used when you connected the Power Bi App to your data.

An easy way to locate it, is to use the top search bar in the Azure portal:

Select Storage Browser in the menu.

Select Tables.

Select TblCustomerSkuPrices.

The table contains all the licenses available in your Azure AD. Both paid and free.

You need to update prices in the column customUnitPrice for all rows in the table! - Add your own prices for paid licenses. - Set free licenses to 0.

Double-click each row to edit. Add your own price, and Update.

You can choose to add prices in your own currency.

Use . (dot) as decimal symbol.

All prices updated! In this example prices are added in NOK (Norwegian Krone).

Select Your Own Prices in the Power Bi App

Go to your Power Bi Workspace, and select to refresh the Bsure Insights dataset.

When refresh is done, go to the Power Bi report, and open the Settings page.

Verify that you can see the prices you added to the customUnitPrice column in the TblCustomerSkuPrices table.

Select Your Price and your currency.

Enjoy the Bsure Insights report showing your own prices in your own currency!

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