This page gives you the opportunity to see members in one or more Entra ID groups, and by giving a cost to a group it makes it easy to allocate costs.

You can specify which groups You want to include in the report, set a cost per member of each group and give the groups a friendly name.

Key benefits with report

  • Cost Allocation

  • See members of groups with administrative privileges

Report will be empty until you follow instructions to Configure which groups to show in the report

The report will show You all your specified groups in the Focus table with how many users and the total cost per group. The report itself has the same setup as the other reports with a focus table, a breakdown table and a user details table

How to configure which groups to show in the report

Go to the Azure portal, and locate the Storage Account you set up as one of the prerequisites when you installed the Azure Managed Application. It is the Storage Account you used when you connected the Power Bi App to your data.

An easy way to locate it, is to use the top search bar in the Azure portal:

Select Storage Browser in the menu.

Select Tables.

Select TblConfigGroupMembership.

You need to enter values that will identify the correct group and set correct properties.

Open a new tab in your preferred browser and go to Entra ID portal

Copy and save your tenant ID for later usage

Navigate to Entra ID Groups and search for the groups you would like to add to the report.

Copy Object Id for the group.

Go back to the browser tab where you have the Storage account and click Add entity

Bsure Insights backend will now collect data needed at next run cycle and You will see the result after report refresh next day. Remember to schedule refresh of Your report after 6 am to get the latest information available in your report.

NB: Make sure you enter a value in field CostPerMember (could be 0) to see which users are member of the group in the Power BI report.

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