Share App only

This is the method we recommend using when you share Bsure Insights with others in your organization.

  1. Go to Power BI (

  2. Select Workspaces in the menu, and go to the workspace where you installed Bsure insights.

  3. Select Update app.

  4. Go to Permissions.

  5. Specify the users or groups in your organization you will share the app with. In this example I will add two users. If you plan on sharing the app with many users, groups is the way to go. Select Install this app automatically to push the app to the users. Select Update app to confirm.

  6. Select Update

  7. On the confirmation pop-up you can copy the direct link to the app.

  8. The users you shared the app with, will now find the app under Apps in Power BI. If you did not choose push the app (step 5), users will have to go to Get apps, Organizational apps and install the app themselves.

You can learn more about sharing and publishing apps in Power BI in Microsoft's documentation: