Overlapping licenses

The overlapping licenses report gives you an overview of users that have licenses with license types that have overlapping functionalities. You can drill down on the different license types as well as the individual users and which licenses they have assigned. All tables in this report is interactive and if you filter/click on one object the other tables will respond to this

Subscribe to this report at your preferred frequency to be reminded if you have users with overlapping licenses. This table should be blank

Filter options

  • Created date: Helps you filter on when users were created

  • Last sign-in: Helps you filter on showing all users from when they were last created. In this overview you can i.e exclude users created last two weeks

  • User state: Choose if you want to see overview of inactive or disabled users or both

  • Sign-in status: Helps you filter on users who have never signed in and users that have

  • User type: Helps you filter on members and guests in the tenant

Focus table - licenses

  • This table gives you an overview of the license combinations that have overlapping licenses. The license on the left side is the most comprehensive license package, while the license on the right side is the overlapping license that can be removed.

If this table is blank you don't have any users with overlapping licenses. If not, you have someone you need to look into

Breakdown table - additional filter available for different user properties

  • This table shows the distribution of cost for the chosen property

  • Breakdown filter: Choose the appropriate property you want to by using the breakdown filter on the right side. We have also included Extension attributes as this is often used by companies

User details table

  • In this table you can drill down on the specific users that have licenses allocated to them and investigate whether they should be removed or not.

  • The column selector on the right hand side gives you the opportunity to choose which information is the most interesting to see. Some of the most interesting properties to see based on our experience is:

  1. Created

  2. Last sign-in

  3. Days since last sign-in

  4. Cost

  5. Licenses combined

This table can be exported with live integration to Excel and be used as a worklist across different functions to clean up. The spreadsheet will be automatically updated every night

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