Share the Storage Account Access Key

This method is not recommended.

In some rare cases it might be handy to share the Access Key to your Storage Account where Bsure Insights stores your collected user data. When using this method the users must install the Bsure Insights app from Appsource themselves, and use the key to connect to the data.

The Access Key gives full access to the storage account.

  1. Go to, and locate the Storage Account you used when you installed Bsure Insights.

  2. Select Access keys in the Security + networking section of the menu

  3. Copy the Storage account name and the key2 key.

  4. Share the storage account name and key with the user in a safe way.

If you choose to use this method, you should not share key1. This is used by the Data Collector app. If this key needs to be rotated, Bsure Insights needs to be reinstalled.

Learn more about managing Storage Account Access Keys: