Cost Dashboard

The License Cost Dashboard provides a basic overview of your total license expenses and potential monthly cost savings. In the graph on the bottom right you can see historical license utilization, and see if this has improved over time.

Dashboard Layout

Total Monthly License Costs

  • This section gives a flash of the overall license cost for the company, split by company specific licenses, and user licenses.

    • Company specific licenses are general licenses, i.e related to storage or sandbox environments.

    • User licenses are licenses assigned to specific users

  • Interactive table: If you click this table it will take you to license overview, which gives you a detailed breakdown of all the licenses you have, quantity and cost

Distribution of costs

  • This chart provides a distribution of your license cost today, and the darker colors are active licenses (user licenses or company licenses), while the brighter colors means you have potential savings that needs to be looked further into

Potential monthly cost savings

  • This table provides an overview of your potential savings, distributed by three different types

    • Unassigned licenses: Refers to licenses on stock that are available to be allocated to new users. If they remain unassigned when renewal date arrives, these licenses should not be renewed, resulting in cost savings. The reneweal date will depend on what kind of agreement you have, and if you are on a CSP agreement you will see the savings faster than if you are on a EA license agreement

    • Inactive: Refers to value of licenses assigned to users that are inactive, meaning they have not logged into their account the last 90 days. These users should be investigated, and if the licenses are unnecessary they should be removed.

    • Disabled: Refers to value of licenses assigned to users that are disabled. These users can't use their account, and the license should be removed.

  • Interactive boxes: All 4 boxes are interactive and will take you to the report where you can see detailed breakdowns. I.e if you click the Inactive box it will take you to the Inactive and Disabled Users report where you can see an overview of all Inactive users with licenses assigned to them

Historical cost

  • This graph provides an overview of historical license utilization, where your goal should be to make the bottom two colors (pink and yellow for inactive and disabled users) to be as small as possible. All unassigned licenses will be shown with a light yelloe color as a top bar in the graph

  • Target: Prepare your company for the upcoming license renewal date by cleaning up licenses allocated to inactive and disabled users, so when renewal date comes all unassigned licenses can be removed and your company can reduce their monthly spend

Types of license agreements:

  • CSP License Agreement:

    • Immediate Action: Licenses can be removed instantly, offering immediate cost-saving benefits.

  • EA License Agreement:

    • Scheduled Action: Licenses under this agreement can be removed or adjusted during the renewal process with Microsoft.

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