General considerations

This section will elaborate over the topic responsibility in Entra ID

Microsoft have made a shared responsibility model helping customers and partners to understand what responsibility Microsoft holds and what's customer responsibility.

Regardless of technology Microsoft place the responsibility of Accounts and identities on the customer. Very few customer are aware of this fact and place the responsibility for "everything" on their IT-partner.

An IT-partner will have the opportunity of helping the customer to take their responsibility.

Gartner have stated over the past years that IT is not a responsibility that can be placed within an IT-department, but it needs to be placed as a part of the business organization.

IT-Partners/MSPs often struggle with topics like Access Management and Identity Lifecycle Management. If the customer finds a user named that have both licenses and permissions to do harm, they will in most cases blame their IT-Partner. But what if the user had the name This user account was created 10 years ago and was in use 192 days ago. Could the IT-Partner be responsible for that user account based on these scenarios?

  • Mike left the customercompany five months ago, but no one told anyone

  • Mike is on paternity leave

  • Mike is hospitalized

The answer is obviously no.

Same goes for the user account Rita signing in from Nigeria. Should the partner block Rita from sign-in and take all precautions or should the partner inform and ask the customer for a decision. Is Rita on a vacation or is her account compromised? Maybe Ritas manager needs to be consulted. If partner calls Rita and ask her if she's in Nigeria, is that ok from a privacy perspective?

Bsure means that customer needs to take the responsibility stated in the shared responsibility model which they accepted when they became a Microsoft cloud customer. If they want an IT-partner to help them with their responsibility, then this should be clearly stated in a service offering from the IT-Partner.

Bsure Insights is a solution that can help the customer in taking their responsibility. The IT-partner have a great opportunity in helping the customer by asking questions, creating improvement projects and act on customer decisions.

Bsure incourage partners to involve their customers in taking decisions and help them out with their knowlegde and expertice to ensure that the responsibility is placed and handled.

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