Licenses Overview

This section offers a detailed view of all licenses, including the quantity purchased, type, and categorization into user-specific and company-specific licenses. You will also see potential savings broken down on license type, and see if you are compliant (under licensed) within certain license types

Dashboard Layout

  1. Table - Monthly User License Cost

  • Shows all user licenses, their price, total cost and how many that have been assigned to people in the organization.

  • Tip: A discrepancy between total licenses bought and allocated indicates surplus licenses, which can be assigned to new employees or considered for removal at the next Microsoft license agreement renewal.

  1. Table - Monthly User License Overuse Value

  • Highlights non-compliance by showing where more licenses are allocated than purchased.

  • Action Required: To achieve compliance, either purchase additional licenses as indicated or reallocate licenses from inactive or disabled users.

  • Compliance Indicator: A blank table signifies full compliance.

  1. Table - Monthly Company License Cost

  • Provides an overview of company-specific licenses that are not allocated to any users.

  1. Table - Monthly Potential Cost Savings

  • Details potential savings from unassigned licenses, inactive, and disabled users.

  • Unassigned Licenses: Licenses purchased but not assigned. These can be allocated to new users or not renewed during upcoming license negotiations with Microsoft.

  • Inactive Licenses: Licenses assigned to users inactive for over 90 days. Consider downgrading or removing these licenses.

  • Disabled Licenses: Licenses assigned to users who cannot log in. These should be reassigned or terminated.

  1. Table – Monthly suspended licenses

  • This table displays licenses you have terminated, yet they remain allocated to users. It’s important to know that licenses listed here are correct, as users connected to these licenses will lose functionality upon removal

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