Report showing active and inactive guest users. Entra ID guest accounts are external user accounts invited to your tenant/EntraID where they typically have access to Teams or Sharepoint sites.

Top filter menu

Users: Showing the total number of guest users according to your filtering selections.

Created Date & Last Sign-in Date: Set periods for when users where created/invited or their last sign-in date.

User State: - Active - guest users having signed in the last 90 days - Inactive - guest users that has not signed in the last 90 days

Sign-in Status: Filter for guest users that have Never signed in and guest users that have Signed in.

Domain Type: Filter for if the guest account is from a Managed or Unmanaged domain. Read here for more information.

Mail Domain: Filter for guest users from specific mail domains.

User Principal Name: Free text search for a guests user name. Report will update accordingly.

Focus and Breakdown section

The Focus Table shows the distribution of active and inactive guests. The Breakdown Table shows the distribution of guests from different mail domains.

User details table with column selector

The user details table lists all guest users in scope of your filtering selections. The table has a default set of columns. You can change these to your preferences using the columns selector.

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