A few tips to ease governance when using the app for multiple customers.

Bsure Insights Azure Managed Application needs to be installed in each customer tenant. Bsure will patch and update customer instance of the data collector.

Customer data will be written to an Azure Storage Account (Table Storage). Bsure Insights Managed Application uses a connection string to write data to the correct Table Storage, meaning that the Storage Account could be hosted in customer environment, partner tenant or both, by using the advanced section when installing the app. Best practice for a partner is always to use connection string 2 if decision is to write data into partner own tenant. If you decide to write customer data into partner tenant, you should make sure that your data processing agreement allows you to do so.

The Power BI app will connect to the Storage Account by storage account name and a key. If partner decides to install the Power BI app in their own environment they should always use storage account key2 if the Storage Account is hosted in the customer environment.

We've described 3 different ways of handling the Power BI app, but please contact us if they don't fit your specific needs.

NB: You should not use multi tenancy support in the app to mix customer data in one Storage Account

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