Update Power BI App

We will release quite frequent updates to the Power BI template app based on customer feedback or general improvements. You will need to update your version follow this instruction

Update is limited to the user that initially installed the app, ref Microsoft docs. If that user isn't available you should install a new app and delete the old one.

Go to app.powerbi.com and click Workspaces button in the navigation pane at the left.

Select Bsure Insights Workspace.

Press the "Get it now" button in the information bar as displayed in the picture below.

You will then get a wizard.

Select "Install" and your app will be updated with demo-data and then needs to refresh.

Go to Your Bsure Insights Workspace again, and Refresh the page (F5)

The name of the workspace and app have changed, so to adjust it to your needs, you can modify the workspace name by selecting the "Workspace settings" button in the navigation menu at the top.

To update the app name you may change that as well by selecting the "Update app" button.

NB: You might have to enter the access key, used when installing the app, to connect to your data again.

Please verify refresh time to ensure you consume updated data every day

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