Subscription Overview

This report is designed to give you a comprehensive understanding of your Microsoft cloud subscriptions. It details the types and quantities of subscriptions you have purchased and their respective expiration dates, helping you plan ahead effectively. If you have unassigned licenses on subscriptions set to expire, don't renew them and save costs

Tip: Set your focus period to your choice in the filter, and subscribe to this report at your preferred frequency. That way you will get a reminder of upcoming renewal dates and potential savings/focus areas in the near-term.

Filters/Selection choices

  • Subscription period: This filter gives you the opportunity to show subscriptions in given time frames. I.e if you want to focus on subscriptions to be renewed next 3 months set filter period to next 3 months

  • Subscription status: Gives you the opportunity to filter on enabled, suspended and locked out subscriptions

  • Unassigned count: Give you opportunity to filter on subscriptions on the unassigned licenses count

Table - User Subscriptions

  • Overview of all user subscriptions and their expiry date

  • Tip: Subscriptions with unassigned licenses represent potential cost savings

Table - Company Subscriptions

  • Overview of all company specific subscriptions and their expiry date

Graph - Value of unassigned licenses

  • This graph provides you with potential savings if unassigned licenses are not renewed at renewal date

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