Active users

User objects (members or guests) in Entra ID with last interactive sign-in or last non-interactive sign-in within last 90 days.

Administrative priveleges

Entra ID Roles that gives a user (guest or member) more permissions in Entra ID

Company licenses

Company specific licenses is not related to any specific users. Eg. extra sharepoint storage

Conditional Access

Conditional access refers to a security approach in which access to a system or data is granted or denied based on specific conditions, such as user identity, device health, or location etc to enhance cybersecurity

Entra ID Roles

"Entra ID Roles" are predefined sets of permissions and responsibilities assigned to users within the Entra ID system. These roles help control and manage access, security, and functionality for individuals or groups based on their specific needs and responsibilities. Read more about Entra ID Roles


An Entra ID Guest user account is an account that is invited to your Entra ID from another identity catalogue. It can be assigned access and permissions to almost anything in you Entra ID tenant.

Inactive users

Defined as a user that hasn't signed in or consumed data in your environment last 90 days (Not Active)

Interactive sign-ins

"Entra ID interactive sign-ins" refer to a feature or process within the Entra ID system that involves active user interaction during the sign-in or authentication process. This interaction may include responding to prompts, providing additional verification, or engaging with the system in a dynamic way to enhance security and user identification.

Last sign-in

Defined as the latest user sign-in date, regardless if it was interactive or non-interactive


Entra ID Member accounts is all user accounts controlled and owned by your Entra ID. Your internal users

Missing licenses

It is possible to end up in an situation where you have assigned more licenses than you've bought. Unassigned licenses will then show a negative value

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

2-step verification or Multi factor authentication means that in addition to provide username and password you need to verify that you are signing in with providing more information. The three most common kinds of factors are: - Something you know - Like a password, or a memorized PIN. - Something you have - Like a smartphone, or a secure USB key. - Something you are - Like a fingerprint, or facial recognition.

Non-interactive sign-in

A non-interactive sign-in is when an app or a solution signs in on your behalf. Eg. your mail client on your phone

Overlapping licenses

Overlapping license is when a user have 2 licenses assigned that overlaps in functionality. Eg, Microsoft 365 E5 and Microsoft 365 E3 has overlapping capabilities. Microsoft 365 E5 have all the functionality that Microsoft 365 E3 has and you could remove one of these licenses without affecting end-user experience

Suspended licenses

Suspended license is a license that you once had, but you didn't renew the subscription. You don't pay for licenses from a suspended subscription.

Unassigned licenses

If You buy 100 licenses and assign only 70 of them to your end-users, you will have 30 unassigned licenses

User licenses

User licenses is a license that must be assigned to a user account. Eg. Power BI Pro and Microsoft 365 E3.

User principal name

User name used to sign in to Entra ID to consume applications and data. Same format as e-mail address.

User State/Status

We divided users into 3 categories: - Disabled (all disabled accounts regardless of when the user was in use) - Active (Enabled user and last sign-in within last 90 days) - Inactive (Enabled user with last sign-in more than 90 days ago)

Potential Monthly Cost Savings

Sum of license cost where licenses are assigned to disabled or inactive users and unassigned licenses

Potential Savings

Potential monthly cost savings divided by total license cost shown in percent

Average Cost

Total assigned license cost, regardless of user state divided on number of licensed users

Monthly user licenses overuse value

If number of assigned licenses exceeds the amount of bought licenses per license we call the cost of the exceeded amount overuse value. Happens if you buy a new number of licenses on renewal date that is less than the number of licenses assigned to users.

User source

A user attribute stating if the user is on-premises synced or not.

  • If a user originates in a an on-premises active directory and are synced to Entra ID using Entra ID Connect (formerly known as dirsync or aad connect) field will display "On-premises synced".

  • If the user was created directly in Entra ID the field will show Cloud

Important to know when you want to make changes to user objects. To change manager or other user attributes such as company etc you will have to modify them in the catalogue service displayed as user source

Billed users

All licensed users, except users with an assigned student license A student license contains the fraise Student in the license name, eg Microsoft 365 A3 for students

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