Applications showing in this report consume applications, data and other resources your end-users will have to authenticate by using their Entra ID credentials

In the Application Usage report we give you insight in which applications users in your Entra ID is consuming. The report is based on the sign-in logs from Entra ID, and we start collecting this from the day Bsure is installed, meaning that you will get more insights the longer Bsure Insights have been running.

Filter alternatives

  • Last used period: Helps you filter on the time period you want to look into for application usage

  • Days since use: Helps you set a filter of how the period of usage you are looking into

  • User type: Helps you filter on members and guests in the tenant

  • User state: Choose if you want to filter on active or inactive users

  • Account: Choose if you want to filter on enabled or disabled users

  • Microsoft app: Gives you the opportunity to filter between Microsoft apps and third party apps. Read more on Microsoft first-party applications

  • Application filter: This filter includes all available apps, so you can choose a single app to filter on

  • User principal name: Free search for user principal names

Focus table - Application usage

  • In this table you will see all applications users have authenticated themselves towards since Bsure was installed, and how many the application has been accessed

  • This table consists the different applications and the number of times they have been accessed

Breakdown table - additional filter available for different user properties

  • This table shows the distribution of logins for the chosen user property in the breakdown filter

  • Breakdown filter: Choose the preferred property you want to filter by, by using the breakdown filter on the right side. We have also included Extension attributes as this is often used by companies

User details table - Application usage

  • In this table you can drill down on the specific users and which applications they have been authenticated towards since Bsure was installed.

  • The column selector on the right hand side gives you the opportunity to choose which information is the most interesting to see.

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