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Required permissions for installation:

Entra ID:

The Global Administrator plays a vital role during the installation of the Bsure Datacollector. You will require a highly privileged user account due to the restrictions that Microsoft has imposed on the assignment of MS Graph Roles to applications. Although the Privileged Role Administrator may also be used, we've skipped that in the prior steps. This decision was influenced by the familiarity of most customers with the Global Administrator Role

Azure Subscription:

When installing the Bsure Datacollector, the Azure Resource Manager has to assign permissions to certain identities. The task of assigning permissions within an Azure Subscription is reserved for the Owner Role. Additionally, access to the actual resources within the subscription is required, rendering the User Access Administrator insufficient for this purpose

Managed Application:

Errors during installation

If you experience any issues during the third stage of the installation, you'll need to remove the managed application and initiate the process again. Instructions on how to find and delete your managed application are provided below. Please wait until deletion is completed before starting again. If the installation fails for a second time, please examine the deployment logs to identify the necessary corrective measures. If you need further assistance, don't hesitate to reach out to us.

  • The most frequent issue during installation occurs when the Azure Resource Manager is unable to deploy resources due to unspecified reasons, such as not being able to find the subscription while deploying certain Azure Resources.

  • Please verify if there are any Azure Policies that could potentially impact the Subscription, Resource Group, or Managed Application resource.

Deleting the Managed Application

To find the Managed Application Center, enter "Managed Application Center" into the search bar at the top of the page on Then, select the "Managed Application Center" option from the search results.

Navigate to "All Applications" and find the application you installed. The name of the application will be the same as the one you selected during the installation process. Click on the application name to access the Managed Application.

Click on the "Delete" button and confirm your action to initiate the deletion process.

Warning, Data Collection stopped due to daily limit

If you see the above warning in your Log Analytics Workspace, it's merely the collection of traces that has been halted. Traces are runtime logs. The Data Collector emits a significant amount of traces, and to save on running costs, Bsure caps the quantity of traces that we store. The warning does not imply that your data isn't being collected for analysis. If your installation receives an abnormally large number of errors, Bsure will capture and respond to it. The warning can be safely ignored, see below for an example screenshot.

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