Share with External Users

You can share the Power BI app with external users (guests) in your Azure Active Directory.


The external users you want to share the Power BI App with have to be existing guests in your Azure AD.

Add a guest user to your Azure AD

There are several ways to add external users as guests in you Azure AD.

We will describe how you can do this with Microsoft Entra:

  1. Select All users in the Users section of Azure Active Directory

  2. Select New user, Invite external user

  3. Add the Email of the external user you will add. Add a welcome message (optional), and click Review + invite.

  4. Confirm that everything looks ok, and select Invite

  5. You will find the user is added as a guest in your user list

Share the Power BI app with external users

Once you have confirmed that the external user exists as a guest in your Azure AD, you can share the Power Bi app with them.

  1. Follow the Share App only guide, and give permissions to the guest user

  2. The app will not be published automatically to external users. You have to share the link to the app with them. You will find the App link under Links in the Permissions tab where you added the users.

Read more about sharing Power BI outside you organization in this Microsoft documentation: